Phase ONE

Phase one of the ascension to FULL evolution process is the dissolving of "constructs". This is done at a spiritual level and involves the understanding of in order to hand back that which holds us to the Old Earth Matrix spiritually. 

There are various pathways that we walk in our exit from the Old Earth Matrix. This website gives information on the various "constructs" that are used to tie humanity into the Old Earth Matrix itself.

You may wish to explore the various "constructs" on your path to BACE Camp as it is not possible to release a "construct" without first of all understanding HOW it is blinding you  in your everyday waking life experience. 

The "constructs" on the left hand side of this page are the main themed ones that are anchored deep within the human race itself. Some hold more strongly than others.  The deepest one of course being the construct of religion which seeks to anchor every single human being into a reality that is simply not TRUTH.

We require to understand PHASE ONE in order to move beyond it and enter PHASE TWO which takes humanity to full EVOLUTION OF SPECIES.

Support for Phase TWO

Phase two of the ascension to FULL evolution process is overseen by the High Council of Orion.  Support is given thru Karen who is aligned fully with ALL- The Blue Skull of Orion. 

Karen provides various support services  for those who are moving from phase one to phase two in TRUTH. 

If you require additional support not listed please contact Karen who may be able to offer more tailored support.

ALL Phase TWO guidance and information will be thru the ORION Portal which can be found at TRUTH-CODES.COM

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