We exist within a multi and inter dimensional space, it is the conditioning that we are subject to that seeks to have us assume that that which is hidden to our human logical mind and our human eyes simply does not exist. We must begin to expand and widen our understanding of that which we are within.  In order to reach understanding we are given human physical experience through our connection to our Creator YHWY.  When we experience that which is beyond our human logical mind we often move straight to denial and this works against us fully. We must embrace and allow ourselves to be immersed in order that we can reach the understanding that is required. 

It is human logic that states that linear time is real and it is linear logic that polarizes that which is non linear and dimensional. We do not live in a reality that has depth, height and width in TRUTH.  We exist within a multi, inter and intra dimensional landscape. It is the polarization of the human logical mind and the validation of this through the portals to this which are the human naked eyes.  This is why we must become blind in order to see and begin to use our heart space instead of relying on our conditioned senses. 

In order to move into a more harmonious relationship with our outer surroundings in TRUTH we require the added support of that which is sent to us as a tool, namely the Crystal Skulls.  Their purpose is to balance our genetic, dynamic and spiritual coding allowing us to balance in TRUTH with wider creation.  We must allow this to be shown to us through the gifting of personal experience through our connection to our Creator YHWY. 


The Crystal Skulls have been neutralized through improper use and have been used as a weapon instead of the gifting that they are in TRUTH.  Those who have weaponized the Crystal Skulls have done so from linear and logical contextualization.  This is now negated as we move beyond the Morphic Field resonance and as we begin to align and harmonize with wider Creation in TRUTH the Crystal Skulls will begin to activate fully.  Balancing us with wider Creation in TRUTH and allowing us to navigate through this in this our human physical form. 

It is not TRUTH to attempt to bypass the necessary phases in this process for there are safeguards in place and our Creator YHWY will hold us in place when we attempt to move out of balance and stray off the path. That which has bound us, manipulated us, fed from us and has attempted to persuade an entire RACE that that which they live is all that there is will now be revealed in TRUTH and in the REVELATION will come REBIRTH through TRUTH. 

The gateway of TRUTH can only ever be passed through whilst carrying only TRUTH, any traces of non TRUTH will stall the passing through of the gateway and that which is illuminated through the process MUST be released for there is nothing of the "old" that is permitted into the NEW EARTH.  This is due to the balancing and harmonization of the human physical vehicle through the recalibration and recoding which the Crystal Skulls support. 

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