We are asked to align our frequency with that of Wider Creation in TRUTH.  To date the realms - Angelics, E.T's, Travelers and Starseeds, have interacted with humanity thru contacting humanity who are within the old earth matrix.  Now we are asked to reach beyond said matrix and establish contact with our ROOT realm in TRUTH.  This can only be done by switching from a logic based root frequency to a heart based root frequency.  It is logic and reason that entraps humanity at various levels and many who cannot accept a non logical reason for an experience have held those who can reach this TRUTH in chains. Enforcement of logic and reason is a stronghold that traps humanity.  NO OTHER SENTIENT BEINGS in Wider Creation in TRUTH base their experience in a root of logic and reason.  Without a foundation of TRUTH frequency nothing can be built and created in TRUTH. 

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"YOU cannot fail at what YOU came here to BE

High Council of Orion Thru Karen Doonan 

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