We are born into a deep and very dense illusion. Our sense of "identity" is formed from the references and behaviors of those around us.  The formative years of between two and four years old are that which shapes us but this remains hidden as we grow and mature in our human vehicle. The behaviors that we find so "cute" in our children are still resident within them when they grow into adults.  We ourselves still default to those early behaviors when we are triggered and Lucifer created this deliberately. 

As we begin the Salvation in TRUTH process we begin by first of all accepting Christ as our Salvation.  Unfortunately the construct of religion will seek to keep its followers there, preventing any further walking, re-enforcing the idea of suffering in order to be accepted by Christ and nothing is further from TRUTH. 

When we surrender to Christ initially we are making the statement that we are giving up who we once were to be who we are in TRUTH.  Again the construct of religion has defined this in various very logical and assumptive ways. In order to die to who we were, we must first of all be shown who we think we are and Christ will walk us through this in our Salvation in TRUTH process. What will work against us and will bring us to many internal storms is our inner child.  This is the hurt part of ourselves that we are taught to ignore in Lucifer's world, the part of us that uses manipulation to get our own way.  We may find ourselves defaulting to behaviors when we are in the company of our immediate family that we perhaps do not use when we are in different company.  This is very commonly experienced when we go home to visit our parents when we are grown up. We may find that their behavior towards us is that of a parent to a child still, they may use phrases such as "you will always be my little girl/boy".  This sees us many times defaulting to the behaviors and thought patterns of when we were younger and we may find ourselves acting and speaking very differently as a result. 

This is triggered within us by Lucifer as we walk with Christ and attempt to move beyond the Cross.  Christ did not come to be born into humanity solely to die on the Cross, He came to defeat death and to rise again.  Humanity are conditioned to focus on the very start of the process and to remain there, on the Cross.  The Cross is where we die but the process continues as we walk through the "valley of death" and beyond. ONLY CHRIST CAN WALK US BEYOND THE CROSS, we cannot do this on our own. 

Psalm 23:4 (KJV)

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me

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