Within the Old Earth Matrix the symbology of "skulls" has been used to contain and suppress humanity. Many within humanity will instantly recoil from the image of a skull and they have been associated and taught in relation to "death".  Whilst it is TRUTH to associate them with a "death" it is the context that they have been placed within that skews their relationship with humanity and this is of course deliberate. Much as Christ has been hijacked by the construct of religion and placed in a blasphemous context (that of continual sacrifice), the skulls have also been hijacked. 

It is to be noted that the Old Earth Matrix has attempted to cut off all, any and every route OUT of the said Matrix but has neglected to place much importance to guard the routes IN to said Matrix.  There are corridors that can be navigated with the skulls holding the matrices in place allowing for extraction to take place. This way of working with the Skull Collective can only be mastered by those who began their journey on the outside of said Matrix by being birthed INTO humanity in TRUTH.  This is a fail safe that was put in place prior to anyone "waking up" within humanity and is being revealed in TRUTH to provide an extraction for those who are now to move from the Old Earth Matrix BACK into Wider Creation in TRUTH whilst in their human physical vehicles. 

This is a process that 144,000 will now begin and they will begin this journey thru the release of the grief matrices that were put in place to prevent the exit from within of humanity . We are gifted this in TRUTH from our Creator who sits beyond the Old Earth Matrix and there are those who are now able to reach this understanding at a human everyday physical waking level. 

Karen is placed to aid humanity in navigating the extraction in TRUTH and is supported thru her connection to the High Council of Orion who are overseeing the extraction of ALL's Starseeds, E.T's, Travelers and Angelics. It is to be noted that there are "dark side" Starseeds, E.T's, Travelers, and Angelics and these beings are part of the Old Earth Matrix protection realms. They are not able to navigate thru the extraction matrices that the Skull Collective provide thru Karen and are prevented from entering them due to the frequency bandwidths that they operate on and from. It is frequency that dictates that which is experienced in TRUTH and frequency alone.  It is not a requisite of frequency to maintain belief, rote and/or ritual and you will find that as your frequency begins to expand you will NATURALLY let go of all belief, rote and/or ritual associated. 

Phase Two is the extraction of 144,000 in their human physical vehicle forms and is aided from ALL who sit beyond in Wider Creation in TRUTH. This will now see the separation of dark from LIGHT in TRUTH, a separation that will never take place again for LIGHT in TRUTH is TRUTH and will now begin the leaving in order that ALL can now be understood in TRUTH. 

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