We are in what is often termed the "end of times". Unfortunately human language gives the impression that this means the end of humanity. Darkness will run with this false picture for as long as it possibly can.  Born into a construct that seeks to present itself as YHWY's creation and conditioned to reject our Creator YHWY fully, humanity is at a pivot point. 

It is not possible to venture beyond the pivot point of phase one of the exit process without fully accepting Christ in TRUTH. This is not merely "believing" as the construct of religion continually promotes but of accepting and knowing. "Knowing" and "believing" are two completely different frequencies, we can "know" something but if we do not have any physical everyday experience of said "something" it remains a belief in our logical human mind. This is the false "Christ Consciousness" that many have simply accepted from the old earth construct itself. 

It was not "consciousness" that went to the Cross for humanity, it was flesh and blood. This is ignored or filtered out by many.  Christ came to show us LOVE in TRUTH, to give us the physical experience of LOVE in TRUTH and humanity crucified Him for it.  

Lucifer's world has no LOVE in TRUTH within it, it can only ever be found outside of the old earth construct itself. This is done by opening our heart to Christ and in doing so reconnecting back to our Creator YHWY.  Only the heart can do this for the portal to eternity resides within the heart space. This is why darkness will continue to manipulate the human race to remain in their minds, conditioning them to accept ideas as reality in order to attempt to prevent TRUTH from being revealed. 

There is NO complexity around phase two of the exit process in TRUTH. The logical mind will attempt to teach that there is. TRUTH Just IS, it is simple and because it is simple is rejected by the logical human mind which has been conditioned to look for complex.  LOVE in TRUTH is a physical everyday experience beyond anything we have ever experienced in our human life previously. It is the KNOWING that our Creator YHWY is alive and with us, it is the knowing that we have a CHOICE, we can live in Lucifer's rebellion or we can step into our Creator YHWY's light.                                   

ALWAYS there is a choice and it must be our heart that leads us to it. 

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