Releasing the SOUL Contract part 2

Everything that we require to experience the human life experience in Lucifer's world is contained within our SOUL. All fear, all anxiety, all separation, all anger, all denial, all regret, all shame etc is stored within the SOUL. This is why it is vital that we dissolve the SOUL fully in order that our Spirit can enter our human vehicle through our heart space and begin the process of healing guided fully by Christ in TRUTH. 

The false teachings that appear in relation to the SOUL are deliberate, many within humanity have fallen to the false teachings in respect of interacting more fully with the SOUL in order to understand it, this does nothing other than deepen the hold that the SOUL has over the human life experience and will see the Spirit prevented from full access.  Lucifer's fallen are the ones that patrol and seek to enforce the false teachings for they know that a human being who holds fully on to their SOUL are prevented from reaching TRUTH through the blindfold that the SOUL provides. Indeed those who are interacting fully with these false teachings will find that the human life experience becomes more painful as the SOUL takes more control and allows for deeper manipulation through the interaction. We are not here to live in the old earth with the SOUL in charge, we are here to walk out of the old earth and this can only ever be done with Christ holding our hand and moving us beyond death into LIFE in TRUTH. 

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