In phase two of the expansion in TRUTH process it is vital that we understand the need for deep cleansing and expansion.  This is not "healing" in the very 3D reference of "healing".  That is we are not addressing the mundane, we are deep cleansing in preparation for the next stage.  We can view this akin to cleaning and deep cleaning our physical homes.  We can do general housework and the home will look clean and tidy but every so often we require to pull out furniture, fittings and fixtures and clean behind them, so it is not just a picture of a clean home that we are presented with, every part of our home IS clean. 

It is our SPIRIT that demands this level of clean because as we have walked thru the expansion in TRUTH process that which has sought to hide has run to the very edges of our vision.  This is akin to dropping a crumb on the floor and the crumb finding its way under the sofa for example.

The BRIDGE is a corridor where none of the old earth matrix frequency can enter.  As we set up BACE camp and we begin to settle down and to understand to new levels that which is asked of us we do this house cleansing. We are cleansing all ancestral DNA/RNA debris, all dimensional timeline debris and all, any and every soul aspect debris. Thus we then begin to align more fully with our creation purpose in TRUTH and we find that navigating the everyday waking human life experience is much, much easier and much more fluid. 

There are various services that are offered to aid in this process of cleansing. If you are not sure which cleansing process would be of most benefit at any point then please contact KAREN HERE.  The process gets easier as we interact with it and we then begin to become as children once more, we begin to release the anxiety, frustration and chaos that has walked with us over the past linear years as we have entered and exited phase one of the process of expansion in TRUTH. 

In very plain terms our creation purpose in TRUTH gets CLEARER.  We become clear and pure like a glass of clear water that remains clear and pure as we are pulled higher and deeper in frequency.  

To aid in the cleansing process various options thru Karen Doonan are available. Please click on the links below to find out more and/or book .

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