• Karen Doonan

Walking out of the Labrynth in TRUTH

The human logical mind has been finely tuned to keep us within a very dense and continual illusion. We may not register things we see at a conscious waking mind level but we do at a very unconscious level. We only have to look at an optical illusion to see how this works, our human logical mind filling in the assumed "gaps" in order to complete the picture presented.

Within this our human life experience the "gaps" to the picture presented to us by the outer waking world and interpreted through our human eyes and logical mind is filled in with the emotional debris that sits at the very unconscious waking mind level. We do not see reality as it is being presented, we interpret the outer waking reality through the INTERNAL lens of emotional debris that we do not consciously register.

During the various phases of the Salvation in TRUTH process we will become blind as our Creator YHWY removes the emotional debris through our connection to His Son Christ. It is in these "blind" moments that we will feel various emotional triggers and may feel very vulnerable indeed. Our Creator YHWY will hold us close and will oppose various "old" behavior responses as we are cleansed internally from the emotional debris. Unfortunately we will often rebel against this as our human logical mind tries to exert its control and convince us that nothing has altered and that our human life experience is the same as it was until this point in our Salvation in TRUTH.

Always our Creator YHWY will validate the changes and validate the path that we walk upon in the outer waking external reality that we exist within. We must always remain in full surrender to the process and challenge our own frustrations and anxiety for in Christ is PEACE and it is our choice whether to step into peace or remain in rebellion, fighting when we are asked to surrender.




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