• Karen Doonan

Understanding the SWORD of TRUTH

We are blinded in this human form and this blindness stems from various sources, not least of all from the very intense and often hidden conditioning that sits at the "heart" of the human life experience itself. From the moment we are born into this human form we are under said intense conditioning. We look to our nearest caregivers for direction, for reference and for navigation.

It may be easier to view being born in a different context, imagine that when we are born we are born ONTO a ship that is already afloat and sailing, this ship is called FAMILY. The boat itself is called HUMAN LIFE EXPERIENCE. We are taught how to steer the ship, how to keep it sailing and how to keep it afloat. This information is 90% NON VERBAL, it is taught through the viewing of the actions of those around us. We rely almost exclusively on NON VERBAL communication until we reach the age of approximately 2 linear human years old. By the time we have mastered our own human language we have laid down a navigation system that remains in operation until it is challenged and it will be challenged. We do not sail on this ship on open clear water, for the sea upon which humanity sail is crammed full of other vessels that are manned by other humans and the patrolling vessels that are manned by darkness are equivalent to the coastguard. It is darkness that states where a vessel may sail and where it may not. ALL OF THIS is HIDDEN to the human naked eyes and sits at an unconscious waking mind level within our human vehicle.

The SWORD of TRUTH is wielded only by Christ for Christ is TRUTH. It was TRUTH that was born into human form in order to challenge humanity and the conditions in which we live. It was TRUTH that was crucified on the Cross for the religious leaders of the day did not recognize Him, they were using false reference points based on their own humanity. So our Creator YHWY sent His Son, Christ to REVEAL TRUTH. To challenge the human belief that death is the end and that life is just a continual circle. It is not.

TRUTH IS 100%, in this human form we filter out approximately 95% of all available information so in true terms we are only ever experiencing 5% of that which is around us. A lie can be as much as 99% true but the 1% remaining is what makes its a lie. Lucifer hides in said 1%. We can be blinded by those around us and we can be blinded by our own knowledge, such is the power of the 1% of the lie.

At this time Christ is walking IN us, as He walks internally within our heart He is bringing to the surface the 1% that has prevented us from actually seeing. As He does so we will find internal resistance to the Salvation in TRUTH process itself. We will go into denial and when we do we will find that we are held in place for the Narrow Path can only ever be walked fully in TRUTH. If we are not in TRUTH then we cannot walk it. As we are gaining in understanding and gaining in being purified through the process of surrendering our internal emotional landscape we will find it impossible to go back to past behaviors for they are no longer supported. So we will find ourselves in limbo, unfortunately this stimulates the human logical mind to solve what IT PERCEIVES as a puzzle and we may step out of our heart and go back to mind centered living. Again this is not supported for Christ will continue to call to us to return to our heart for only our heart can reveal TRUTH.

NO AMOUNT OF EXTERNAL searching can answer the questions for the questions are part of the illusion. We are asked to TRUST TRUTH and in order to do this we will make choices that others do not resonate with for they are held in the 1% hidden by Lucifer. TRUTH JUST IS, it does not require debating nor proving, it stands the test of time, it stands still.

At this time there may be intense pressure from immediate family and close friends to make a choice they agree and support yet is not TRUTH therefore cannot be taken. To step out of the frustration and mind chaos we are asked to surrender by standing on the Rock that IS Christ and praying. Prayer is a powerful weapon, it is not understood by the human logical mind because the mind sees only the words, not what they do or where they go.

Those at a crossroads are asked to look again with the sight provided through the gifting of the HOLY SPIRIT and understand that the false road is the one that glimmers and that beckons with empty promises of renewal. The Narrow Path can only be walked with Christ and IN Christ. All roads DO NOT LEAD TO THE SAME PLACE.




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