• Karen Doonan

Understanding the need for release in TRUTH

We have been conditioned to lay the internal foundations that see us walk in the world created by Lucifer himself. This is a false internal navigation system that requires to be fully dissolved. Such is the intensity with which this internal navigation system is defended by "self" we require to remain in full surrender to our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ at all moments of all moments. We will find ourselves at various crossroads which seek to have us once again walk on the false foundation that is Lucifer's world.

It is at these moments when there appears to be more than one path that we must sit in prayer with Christ and ask to be shown that which we cannot consciously comprehend. Our first instinct will often be to ignore it which is why our Creator YHWY will continue to oppose that which we will attempt to walk . When we feel that we are literally stopped in our tracks we must honor the stopping and look again. It IS this simple but once again the human logical mind will attempt to have us look for the complicated. Lucifer hides everything in plain view, it is precisely since it is so simple that our human logical mind will dismiss it.

At this time our challenge is to remain still on the Rock that Is Christ knowing that we are fully protected under His blood, as long as we remain in full surrender then the protection covers us. To navigate new waters we must first of all install a reliable navigation system. We have taken human form in a world that is simply a world of illusion. We CANNOT use the internal navigation system we are born with for it is programmed to lead us away from Christ and from our birthright which is a new life and new reality in TRUTH.

At this time we are preparing to exit a world of pain, separation and trauma. It is the unacknowledged internal pain, separation and trauma that will have us pulled back from the exit door time and time again often in the false belief that we can save those who are the closest to us. We serve no one and certainly not our nearest and dearest by adhering to the false beliefs, the false paths and false behaviors that have seen humanity trapped in perpetual darkness for eons.




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