• Karen Doonan

Understanding Darkness in TRUTH

For many within humanity the conditioning that sees us bow to darkness is so strong that even the mention of darkness has them rejecting the very Salvation in TRUTH that is being offered. We repeatedly conditioned to accept that we are at the mercy of everything around us, that we must as human beings fight for survival and that we must continually strive for all that we "want" in this human life experience.

What remains hidden to humanity is the way in which darkness works, for darkness is not a joined up entity, it fights within itself. It is not united in any way, shape or form and this TRUTH will continue to be denied by all who refuse to let go of "self". It is "self" that is cultivated by Lucifer through the various mediums of social interaction that are now gaining in their manipulation and use.

We see in the outer waking world the "fruit" of this, the mental anguish of at least two generations who have been subject to the intense conditioning that exist and whom know no other way of interacting. These can be seen as the "lost" generations, the sterlization of their own humanity hidden to them. Placing their human life experience within the context of what is seen as "acceptable" to those around them. There sense of self worth built upon the platform of lies that is the conditioning.

This will now expand and deepen fully for it is the end of the end of days as prophecized in the Book of Revelation. Whilst humanity are looking for the Hollywood "biblical ending, Lucifer uses said distraction to continue the destruction of humanity through its own children. The generation being targeted have NO foundation and because of this will wash away, much like a man building his house on sand, when the storm comes said house is washed away. The man who builds on ROCK will remain. The only ROCK that is TRUTH is Christ, Himself.

Darkness will continue with its destruction which sees its OWN destruction for it works from the foundation of negative. It is destructive, it will continue to destruct, destroy and detonate within humanity for humanity have made the choice of where to build.

At this time we are asked to remain still within the Salvation in TRUTH process. To pray and to ask for the grace we require to continue to surrender whilst it appears all around us are in chaos and meltdown. We cannot help anyone other than those also surrendered in Christ for those not surrendered do not live within the reality that those around them do.

Humanity are currently being intensely conditioned to remain neutral, to remain out of responsibility for their own actions. For those who are conversant with the Word of YHWY then it is akin to Sodom and Gomorrah, with the "anything goes" conditioning that is being rolled out. This full denial of our Creator YHWY is a choice and one that is made at a spiritual level and is played out at a physical human waking level.

Those who have fallen to the construct of religion that seeks to promote "family salvation" will now be shown TRUTH at an everyday human waking level. Salvation in TRUTH is a personal relationship with Christ, Himself. It is not a free meal ticket to Salvation, neither is it a "we are saved" scenario. These are the lies that the construct of religion seeks to have humanity accept to cover their disobedience to our Creator YHWY.

As in the times that Christ, walked the earth in His human form, the churches deny Christ and deny His message, using man made interpretations to grow congregations that use such lies to remain in denial to their Creator YHWY.

We all stand in front of our Creator YHWY in judgement, we stand separately, individually responsible for our choices and actions when we were in this human form. We do not stand in front of our Creator YHWY with a list of excuses for our Creator YHWY sees into our hearts. He knows who accepted His Son, Christ and who only paid lip service.

At this time we are asked to remain in full surrender to the process itself. Allowing Christ to guide us fully out of our own blindness and our own interpretation of what our human life experience "should" be in order to reach TRUTH, which is always beyond our human logical mind and always deep within our heart space.




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