• Karen Doonan

Turning on the Navigation in TRUTH

We are lost on an ocean that we cannot physically see until we begin to work internally and understand the emotional impact that is used to control and manipulate our outer waking life experience in TRUTH. Once we have illuminated the ocean upon which we sail we can then begin to illuminate the boat and then turn on the navigation. Turning on the navigation prevents us from continually going around in circles and sees us set sail to the dry land that is the promise of our Creator YHWY. Without illuminating the ocean we cannot even begin the journey home and we must understand that Christ will illuminate the ocean so that we can begin our journey home, He does not illuminate it in order for us to drown in it.

So strong is the illusion within the outer waking reality that many deny the internal emotional landscape fearing that to illuminate or even acknowledge it somehow makes is more real. It is already real we have simply been conditioned to ignore it fully and to place our focus on the "external", which is a reflection of that which is going on internally at all moments of all moments. It is the non illumination that allows darkness to manipulate and to harvest. Everything has an emotional impact, if we are not experiencing one it is due to the depth of the emotional impact already experience and we are in trauma. Many within humanity have already reached trauma levels of emotional pain, the human life experience has become a search for something that makes them even feel. Many have fallen to addictions which see the internal landscape continually triggered, the addiction works to numb the triggering itself but sees the trauma take over the outer waking reality. Those in the grip of addiction are fully within the trauma and the experience is simply in front of them repeatedly. Without a connection to Christ in order to have a rock to stand upon the drowning that many feel will simply continue.

No changes to the outer waking reality affect the inner emotional landscape, this is one of darkness biggest illusions and one that is very very effective. How many times have we bought something or interacted with something in the full belief that it will change how we feel only to find that it has made the feeling more intense and not changed it one bit?

It can be daunting to have the inner emotional landscape illuminated, our first response may be to try to hide it once more but this serves no one. We must allow the illumination and allow the healing to begin for once Christ illuminates He does not stand idly by and do nothing. We must allow the healing and through said healing begin to understand our own emotional responses. It is only through this understanding that events can be placed in a context that reveals TRUTH. Until this point we are at the mercy of only our assumptions and our human logical mind which will attempt to teach us that we cannot move past that which we have experienced. Nothing is impossible with our Creator YHWY, what will work against the process our own fear of our own emotional reactions. Christ will stand with us as we face them and hand them over, as the process continues we will gain more and more trust and faith in the process and then allow healing of deeper pain and trauma.

We can then turn on the navigation system which allows us to make movement where before there was avoidance, in short it protects us from going round in circles. From there we can begin to navigate to the dry land that our Creator YHWY promises us. Only our Creator YHWY can navigate us to this land for it is His Kingdom in TRUTH that we are preparing to enter. We cannot take the emotional residue with us for it will simply keep blinding us.

At this time we are asked to prepare to set sail, to allow the healing to begin and to understand that from this current vantage point we cannot see that which will unfold. We do not require to see for our journey is assured and our destination fixed in TRUTH. For we are being called HOME in TRUTH and only Christ can walk us there.




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