• Karen Doonan

Stepping in to the LIGHT out of darkness

We are within a process that calls us to grow. It is not simply accepting Salvation and our lives suddenly changing, albeit our lives will change, we are asked to grow and understand to deeper levels within the Salvation in TRUTH process. In order to understand our own pain and separation we must always step into the light, it is challenging because we have become used to navigating in the darkness, we have become used to the dimness around us and when the Light of TRUTH shines on us we begin to see the cracks that we could not see before.

Our Creator YHWY does not allow the light to shine in order to further hurt us. He does so so that we can see what hurts us and will continue to hurt us if we hold on to it. We are within a holiday season that for many is painful, behind the glossy adverts and "perfect" smiles sits a pain that has never healed for many. Memories of years gone by, of those loved ones who are no longer with us, all begins to surface and our reaction to the surfacing is the difference between stepping back into the darkness or remaining within the light that has shone upon us. It is painful to acknowledge the hurt and we may attempt to bury it again but it is the pain and hurt that darkness uses to manipulate our waking life experience. In order to grow we must allow the healing and through the healing process itself we begin to understand, not only ourselves but the situations that were then birthed out of the pain and hurt.

No matter how much humanity attempt to give the impression that everything is okay, there is no one who does not hurt or has not been hurt. Such is the conditioning that we are subject to in this our human form and such is the way that Lucifer has created the outer waking reality that hurt, pain, rejection, separation and trauma are that which humanity experience in a variety of different forms and ways. The only way to heal is to allow our Creator YHWY through our connection to His Son, Christ to wash the pain and hurt away. We will be guided gently through to understanding and then to letting go fully in order to both heal and grow. it is from this space that we can begin to move once more along the narrow path and begin to grow and to change and alter. We begin to view our human life experience in context, with fresh eyes and fresh understanding, our relationships with those around us undergo at times often dramatic changes.

Always we are brought to unity through this process, the separation and divide is healed and we become closer to that who our Creator YHWY created us to be and to live. At this time we are asked to allow the light to shine on the darkest places within us, the deepest hurts and to allow the miracles that need to birth to birth. Always knowing that through the initial triggering of the pain that we have the opportunity for permanent healing from said pain.




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