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Standing IN Christ's Words in TRUTH

Within the Salvation in TRUTH process we will find many times when we appear to reach an impasse, where our human logical mind downs tools and tries to persuade us to give in as it cannot find a solution to that which we are faced. In TRUTH we have simply reached an internal boundary that plays out at a conscious waking human physical level. Whether this be a family conditioning, a societal conditioning or a preconceived idea, we will be stopped in our tracks when we hit this for our human logical mind has been used to being in the driving seat.

Many within society fully believe that they are "in charge" in their human life experience, that they are at the helm and they not only make their own rules but live by them. This hides TRUTH and hides fully the conditioning that sits deep within the human logical mind. We are blind to that which controls us when we step out of the protection of our Salvation in Christ. We are manipulated from the moment we open our eyes in the morning til the moment we go to sleep in the evening. Manipulation comes in the form of media, of colleagues, of friends and family. As we attempt to live our lives without upsetting the "status quo", we do this unconsciously, side stepping around perceived conflict as we have learned to in our early childhood. All still plays out no matter what age or who we are until it is addressed and removed fully.

It is challenging to stand IN Christ when all around us appears to be in meltdown, when family battles suddenly spring to life or we are thrown a curve-ball. Unfortunately the construct of religion has sought to teach those that are within it that once they are "saved" then life is somehow different, that it is easier and that they need only judge those around them and avoid what they have been taught is sin. This is further illusion for Lucifer knows whom our Creator YHWYs Children are in TRUTH just as Lucifer knows who has chosen the Salvation in TRUTH process and he does and will continue to attempt to persuade them to step out of the protection of our Creator YHWY.

Lucifer does this in very subtle ways, he knows that our Creator YHWY does not ever leave us but he also knows that the connection between us at human conscious waking physical level is fragile and it is extremely fragile when we are faced with everyday human life experiences that seek to have us feel threatened in some way. It is at these times that we require to stand fully IN Christ, view it as standing in a safe house, with the hurricane howling at the windows and doors. The hurricane cannot enter the house but it can cause things to happen that have us choose to leave the house in order to attend to. As soon as we step over the threshold of said house we are once more in Lucifer's domain and become separate from our Creator YHWY.

The manipulation to have us go over the threshold is that which we hold as our deepest fear, Lucifer knows what it is because he has spent lifetimes cultivating it within us. Providing illusion after illusion to validate the fear and because we have not been under the full protection of our Creator YHWY we have anchored these false fear references. It is these that Lucifer triggers at key moments within the Salvation in TRUTH process and will use to have us step out of our protection within the Salvation in TRUTH process.

At this time the hurricane may be rising to a typhoon and the need to go and "rescue" may be overwhelming but it is all illusion and we need only stand firm IN Christ, prayer is our weapon, we pray and we ask for help, we then LISTEN to the answer that Christ gives us and then we either make our move or remain still. We SURRENDER TO CHRIST at all moments for He can see that which we cannot in this our human physical form. Much like crossing the road blindfolded, we cannot see the cars coming but Christ walking alongside us can and will stop us when one is approaching so that we can cross safely.

At this time we are asked to remain IN Christ, fully surrendered as the hurricanes rage and blow and await the calm that comes AFTER the storm, the clarity that we are gifted through the grace of our Creator YHWY and which shows us that which we are protected from.



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