• Karen Doonan

Salvation in TRUTH process

We are conditioned to recreate a "version" of that which we have previously experienced and to place it in front of us. The use of linear is a deliberate conditioning that is being densely re-enforced at this time through technology and the current media influence. We are bombarded daily with subliminal messages that support the false reference points that we have been conditioned to accept at a human logical mind level.

We have been conditioned to reject that which we have never experienced and this keeps us within dense loops of experience that manifests as frustration and hopelessness and which we are driven to address but cannot due to the blindfolds that the conditioning produces.

When we enter the Salvation in TRUTH process and begin to work with Christ we are taken out of perceived comfort zones and this may be highly triggering. Our immediate family will begin to act in ways that perhaps make no sense to us at all at the beginning of the process when we first begin our walk but illuminate very clearly as we use our faith and trust to continue our walk.

"Lost Prophets" is a book which covers the initial stages of the Salvation in TRUTH process. The process will be unique for every individual but will address the specific boundaries that Lucifer has humanity chained to. Using personal experience examples and quoting the Words of our Creator YHWY from His book I have written this book to support further those within the process.

It must be remembered that it IS a process and at times we will feel extremely lost, we may feel almost hopeless and we will feel very blind but this is all part of the process itself. We will move out of the blindness into TRUTH and be able to see that which was hidden from us previously. This book will be available only on this website and will be available shortly. Ideally the only books that we require in TRUTH is the Holy Bible (King James Version) and the book of Enoch which has unfortunately been taken out of the Holy Bible (hence we need both books which in TRUTH are one book!).

We are walking where humanity have never physically walked before and we must now continue as we walk past the familiar and into the beyond for it is not blank, it is rich, it is welcoming and it is fully supported for it is the Kingdom of our Creator YHWY and we are now approaching the viewpoint from which we will enter in TRUTH.




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