• Karen Doonan

Removing the blinkers that blind us in TRUTH

We are blinded in this our human physical form. Just as a vehicle has a blind spot, so too does the human vehicle that we are residing within. The blind spot is created though the soul and its agenda which is to navigate through an ocean of never ending separation, pain and trauma. This is not TRUTH and is now beginning to fragment for those who are within the Salvation in TRUTH process.

How do you know that you are within this process? well your outer life experience will make little to no sense and this will gain in momentum. You may question your sanity at times when all around you APPEAR to be leading "normal" human life experiences and yet you cannot seem to reach this. It is because you are not meant to. It is not TRUTH, it matters not what humanity believe en mass, TRUTH JUST IS.

Surrender to Christ is VITAL and this surrender is not a once in a life time event. It is a process for we are all full of emotional debris. It is what made us who we were, but as we are now surrendering to Christ we become "as new". This does not mean we are an upgraded version of who we believed ourselves to be, it means that we let go and shed the old so that we may step into our Creation purpose in TRUTH.

Of course our human vehicle demands answers, those around us demand answers for humanity are conditioned to plan and to place a road before themselves. This is the never ending labrynth that humanity call the human life experience. It is akin to walking in circles and it is not TRUTH.

We are supported fully at this time to let go of emotional debris and it will rise to the surface in order that we can ACKNOWLEDGE it and HAND IT TO CHRIST. We are not asked to solve it, to remove it or to worse experience it (albeit there will be tinges of pain as it surfaces), we are asked to hand it to Christ and then stand still on the Rock that Christ IS in TRUTH.

The standing still is the challenge for we are conditioned to keep moving within this our human form and this works against us. Prayer and surrender go hand in hand. At this time allow time for rest, for sleep and for acknowledgement. Prayer is a powerful ally at this time, ask our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ for His Grace and Strength to move through this cleansing. Surrender, surrender and stay within the Grace that is gifted, all else is illusion.




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