• Karen Doonan

Removal of false lights in order the LIGHT of TRUTH reveals

We in this our human physical form are conditioned to accept that which is non TRUTH much more readily than TRUTH itself. Indeed as stated in prophesy many within humanity will now begin to defend that which has held them in chains. That which is TRUTH will now begin to reveal that which is not TRUTH to levels that cannot be denied. However the rebellion that Lucifer seeds within humanity will begin to spring to life for it is watered by human ego and the human self. It is the human self that states "I AM" then seeks to not only define itself but to redefine the human life experience itself.

That which is internal is externalized and that which runs internally hides itself fully so that it blends in in order that we can allow it to remain. Deep frustration begins internally and is birthed when TRUTH hits non TRUTH. That which is non TRUTH then seeks to justify itself through the false reference points which begin in human logic. "That is true, look this proves it" is a major tool of the self construct and one which humanity has allowed to become its jailor.

As we now move out of the reach of the human soul construct and begin to walk out of the Morphic field resonance that has sought to have us remain in the internal psychological battlefield of the human mind and played out externally within humanity we will be led by the LIGHT that will not nor can ever be put out. It is the LIGHT of TRUTH and it shines brightly. It has been dulled by the false light of non truth that has sought to saturate humanity with "knowledge" birthing the belief that knowledge is a tool that humanity can use in any capacity. This is not TRUTH, we do not require knowledge, we walk in order that we can reach UNDERSTANDING which is only ever reached through human physical experience provided through the GRACE of our Creator YHWY.

The construct that has sought to teach humanity that it is the solid reality into which all are birthed will now crumble fully for it is not TRUTH and when the LIGHT of TRUTH shines upon it it will become the ashes that it is in TRUTH.




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