• Karen Doonan

Illuminating the internal battlefield in TRUTH

We are at war until we are no longer at war but this war is internal, it is hidden to us by our human logical mind which seeks to present our human life experience in a very linear and polarized context. Life in TRUTH is not black or white, it is everything in between but as we are manipulated into placing our focus on a certain part of our life experience we are blurring the whole picture. Lucifer uses this ruse repeatedly and we will be taken to the very edge of our understanding through our surrender to Christ in order for Him to illuminate to us that which is actually manifesting through said internal landscape.

We cannot fully and permanently surrender until we see that which we battle with. It is often not what we think it is, indeed the human logical mind will continue to hide it from us which is why Christ will stop us in our tracks and our Creator YHWY will oppose our continued fight. We will find ourselves reaching a point beyond which we cannot move, this will see deep frustration arise within us, we may find ourselves on our knees in tears praying for resolution convinced we have hit a huge wall when in TRUTH we are being asked to set our weaponry aside and to wave the white flag of surrender. It is at the point of TRUE surrender to said battle that Christ takes over and we will see massive shifts in our outer waking reality.

The weapons are hidden to us, :Lucifer has cultivated an outer waking reality that seeks to present itself as solid and with certain rules that cannot be broken. This is simply more illusion, the internal battle leaves deep spiritual scars at soul level and these must be healed in order that our SPIRIT can take up full residence within our human vehicle. We cannot hand back a shattered soul and Lucifer knows this. Much like trying to pick up a shattered glass the pieces will fall and we may miss some of the pieces in our "clean up". This is the point that many will find challenging for we are conditioned to firstly believe that the soul is a requirement of the human life experience and secondly that without a soul we are somehow not human.

Nothing is further from TRUTH, the Holy Spirit can only ever work with our SPIRIT in TRUTH, it will be at odds with the human soul and the human soul will continue to go to war with the Holy Spirit for rights to remain. As the Holy Spirit is TRUTH then it is the will of the Holy Spirit that prevails no matter what our human logical mind will attempt to convince us is happening. We must remember that we have been conditioned to accept a false reality that is built on lies. A lie can be 99% true but the remaining 1%percent makes it a lie. Again this is neatly hidden to humanity through the triggering of logic and the polarization of the human life experience through the human logical mind. We do not find reason where TRUTH lies, reason will sidetrack us into stepping past TRUTH.

Our internal weaponry is full of weapons of grief, rage, anger, worthlessness, self criticism, self doubt, regret and disillusionment. We will reach for these weapons in order to defend the pain that lives at the core of the soul, the soul drives the human life experience until it is fully released but it must be healed and become whole before it is handed over. We cannot hand over a shattered soul. This will see us faced with deep internal pain and as we have been conditioned to ignore and deny internal pain this part of our Salvation process is one that many will find challenging. What we have to remember is that our Creator YHWY is our Heavenly Father, Christ is our Redeemer and our Savior, it is in this part of the Salvation in TRUTH process that we build our greatest faith and trust in our Creator YHWY. We will begin to build bridges where there have been deep gaps and crevasses.

The walking of the narrow path involves the building of our internal emotional foundation, it brings our SPIRIT home in TRUTH and solidifies the connection between our human vehicle and our SPIRIT which has resided with our Creator YHWY until it was released to us. It allows us to bring heaven to earth and to manifest that which we were created for into physical form. This again is in stark contrast to the deep religious conditioning that humanity have undergone and will trigger many within humanity into defending the non TRUTH.

At this time we are asked to remain in full surrender, to remain in prayer and to trust that our Creator YHWY is protecting us. At these vulnerable moments we are often our own worst enemy hence the opposition and stopping in our tracks of our Creator YHWY. Just as healing a physical wound involves initial pain which then transforms to full healing our emotional pain follows the same path. The initial pain and shock will give way to peace, understanding and thankfulness, for it is only through the Grace of our Creator YHWY that we are held so close and loved so deeply.



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