• Karen Doonan

High Council of Orion message for 22nd November 2019

Greetings beloved ones we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to support thru our channel Karen. We are here to help aid the preparations that are now unfolding for the BRIDGE and we welcome ALL who are now accepting the movement into the realms beyond that which are seen by the naked human eyes. For many a linear human year the old earth matrix has attempted to condition and to further control the outpouring of information in respect of that which the old earth matrix IS and that which is its purpose.

This has seen a division that is deliberate begin to appear within humanity and this division is that which is being addressed at this time. It matters not whether you are a starseeded one, an E.T, a Traveler or indeed and Angelic, what matters is that you are aligned with your creation purpose in TRUTH. This cannot be achieved when the human logical mind is still in control of the human life experience itself. Many have been pulled into the deep illusion that seeks to present the human logical mind as a tool of transformation. This is not so and we are here to guide and to support those who can now let go of this illusion and can stand fully within their heart space in TRUTH.

Events are set to take place within the old earth matrix that challenge all that humanity have been conditioned to accept and to live within. This will be a deep trigger for those who have accepted the deep state conditioning in relation to the human logical mind and its purpose and use within the expansion in TRUTH process. Those who are using their human logical mind to attempt to gain entry to the realms beyond the old earth matrix will find the gates closed and a type of temporal insanity take hold of them. The human logical mind does not like to be standing in TRUTH, it likes to stand in polarization and it is this polarization that has sought to keep the spirit from blending fully with the human physical form that ALL have had to incarnate thru in order to reach humanity.

At this time those who are able to stand deep within the heart space and to let go of the need to polarize the human life experience are being given spiritual upgrades to assist with the jump to non polarized life experience that is the edge of wider creation in TRUTH. ALL sentient beings beyond the old earth matrix do not use polarization as a form of experience, they have let this go over their entire evolution and this has been denied to humanity. it is polarization that brings the human logical mind to its knees and this is done deliberately at this time.

To aid in the expansion in TRUTH process we place the following coding in the life experience of our children who have taken human form within humanity:
















It is not necessary to follow ritual and rote in respect of expansion in TRUTH for that is a symptom of the polarization conditioning that is unfolding within humanity. ALL JUST IS, to compartmentalize is to fall to the conditioning of the old earth matrix foundation. Polarization is not TRUTH.

We are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to support our children at this time.



(c) Karen Doonan

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