• Karen Doonan

Forgiveness is a Key - its time to open the door...

We are conditioned to accept the outer waking reality as fixed and solid. As we go through this our human life experience we begin to get more and more "fixed" in our outlook. We may find ourselves setting our dreams and previous goals to one side believing that we have somehow "missed the boat" or have no other option. The lens which we look through becomes more and more blurred the more we live in this our human form.

Christ went to the Cross and went beyond death in order to show us TRUTH. Many within humanity will remain at the Cross falling to the false teachings which seek to have us remain within the cycles of pain experienced by humanity in this world. It is only through surrender to Christ and entering the Salvation in TRUTH process that we can begin the journey of forgiveness and in doing so watch as our human life experience begins to transform and to shift.

We are not here by accident, despite the deep conditioning that humanity are subject to there is a reason for our human life experience, no one is here to simply "make up the numbers". Many within humanity question their purpose and many fall to the dense conditioning that they are "failing" because they are not chasing after the jobs/roles that humanity are conditioned to chase.

Our self worth becomes more and more eroded when we experience deep pain and trauma. The death of a loved one for example may hurt us to the point where we see no future for ourselves, no way to navigate out of the pain. Forgiveness is the key that opens the door to full healing but is only true healing when Christ is involved. By forgiving we are not stating that it was okay for the experience, we are not saying that the other person(s) were right or that they were wrong, we are not judging or making a statement per se. What we are doing by allowing forgiveness is allowing Christ to begin the healing process that sees movement out of the pain. We are not here to walk in constant pain albeit that is the experience that humanity are bound to.

It may seem that even reading these words the human logical mind will deny their meaning. WE do not forget the pain, we are transmuting the pain and we do this through Christ. It is Christ that brings understanding to our conscious waking mind, it is Christ who opens the pathways to healing and it is Christ who closes the door on the pain, locking it out of our human life experience. We can achieve so much through our surrender consciously and then we begin to allow the Holy Spirit to do its work in showing us the bigger picture. There is always a bigger picture and we are always kept blind to it through the pain of the experience itself.

Forgiveness frees us, changes us and allows us to find peace where before we found only separation and more pain. We can then change our behavior, our thoughts and our interactions allowing for fresh, new perspectives. We can turn negatives into real positives but always it is a process, one that cannot be seen as we step into forgiveness. It allows us to understand the power of LOVE in TRUTH and LOVE in TRUTH is the greatest power that exists. It is why Christ went to the Cross, it was the power of LOVE that took Him beyond death and it is the power of LOVE in TRUTH that will take us on the same journey.




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