• Karen Doonan

Expansion beyond Death of Self in TRUTH

For many of us as we navigate the Salvation in TRUTH process the death of "self' may bring up much fear. The construct of religion has sought to manipulate humanity through the very logical reasoning that is used the human logical mind. Those of us who were caught in the new age religion may have more fear than those who were not as the new age religion ACTIVELY promotes self to the detriment of everything else. Self is not of our Creator YHWY, Self is the tool of Lucifer, it is his "fingers up" to our Creator YHWY if you will.

Even within mainstream society we are conditioned repeatedly to "exercise free will", this assumes that our will is indeed free which it is not. Our surrender within the Salvation in TRUTH process is the surrender of our "will" which we will find is exceptionally strong and will attempt to use further logic and reasoning as well as previous reference points to pull us out of said surrender and have us step off the narrow path once more.

It is our deepest heart space that must be in the driving seat of the human life experience, NOT our ego which is the armor "self" uses to defend itself. It is vital that we become more aware of where our armor is in order that we can venture out from behind it. Christ will stand with us as we do this work and will support us fully as we move through the sometimes very physical process that is involved. We are challenging ALL that we have ever experienced, ALL that we have been conditioned to accept and believe and ALL family and generational patterning. This is not a stroll in the park and yet neither is it a full blown war zone either. Surrender, prayer and trust are vital.

Lucifer's world teaches us to be "self" reliant in order that we can be manipulated and blinded by the construct itself. Christ leads us to TRUTH and the trust and faith we have will be built upon until it becomes a strong foundation. Much like building a bridge over a river, we have to have a strong structure in order to cross safely. Christ is the one who helps us build the bridges to TRUTH, navigating us through lies, deceit, strongholds, dominions, contracts etc. As we move beyond "self" we move further away from death. Death is also not what we have been conditioned to believe, Lucifer's world is a living death that uses illusion to persuade and manipulate our human logical mind into accepting lies and deceit and continual spiritual death. This leads to physical death as all that is spiritual plays out and manifests on the physical plane that we exist upon in this our human physical form.

It is vital that we begin to build the personal relationship with Christ that is required. We do not require anyone else's permission for this. Christ calls us personally and will talk with us one to one. We may find that we become very frustrated when we begin to wander from Him. We will be given signs and symbols to guide us back into the fold once more. Repentance is used in order to move into freedom but continual repentance for something already forgiven is not TRUTH, this is the rote that is used within religion and those who have fallen to religion will be guided to let go of this lie. It serves no one and seeks to build a circle of fear that is used to manipulate, it is not TRUTH and is not supported within the Surrender in TRUTH process.

At this time we are asked to understand that we are now moving out of that which we have ever experienced into the "new" and as it is "new" we have no reference points. This does not sit well with the human logical mind which will attempt to rebel. Grace is always available through asking through prayer for grace and strength from our Creator YHWY. WE ARE NOT ALONE at any time but we have to relearn how to ask our Creator YHWY for help for Lucifer has taught the very human part of us that we must rely only on ourselves. It will take time for us to lean once more on our Creator YHWY and to listen. Our Creator YHWY is a loving Father and is patient however when we are disobedient and in rebellion He will seek to reprimand us. Again will begin to recognize this and to surrender through the Salvation in TRUTH process itself.




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