• Karen Doonan

Exiting Chaos in TRUTH

In this our human physical form we are conditioned to "solve" the perceived chaos that we see around us. We only have to look at the wider waking world to see humanity attempt to "solve" crisis after crisis. In attempting to use the human logical mind to "solve" that which faces humanity we fail to see the unseen, the hidden manipulation that is placed in the outer waking reality.

This morning upon reading the local newspaper I read an article that seeks to place the word "polygamy" firming in the lens of humanity. For those of you who are reading this outside the UK the UK are about to show a new series on a major network that sees the lead characters who are married attempt to have an "open" relationship. The article in the media took this and applied it to various couples who have chosen this, placing phrases like "humans are not meant to remain with one partner for life" in various places in said article.

Darkness is at war with our Creator YHWY and the war is played out through the physical realm through the manipulation of humanity. This attack on marriage which is what we were originally created to thrive within is now in full force. Not only has darkness attacked marriage by removing the roles of man and woman within said marriage it is now attempting to remove the fidelity and faithfulness that marriage is created from. The continual conditioning that this not only okay but supported is placed deliberately to attempt to validate that which is in TRUTH against our original creation purpose.

Of course whose who do not agree with this and who can not only sense but see the attack that this in TRUTH will be labeled by humanity and it is this labeling that many will try to avoid for fear of upsetting the status quo. The tide that is now sweeping through humanity can only ever be survived in TRUTH by standing firmly on the Rock that is Christ. It is akin to the flood that swept through Genesis but is hidden to many within humanity who simply go with the flow for they cannot see any other option.

Isaiah 5:20 (KJV)

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

At this time we are asked to challenge our human logical mind and its demands to "solve" things and come up with solutions and stand firm in our faith and trust of our Creator YHWY through His Son, Christ. This is the end of the end of times, we are not required to find any solutions for that is not our creation purpose. Our purpose is to remain surrendered to Christ and to walk with Him and In Him. As we do this we bypass the chaos that seeks to pull all and any into it for darkness NEEDS the interaction that humanity grants it. When a situation begins to unfold it can only ever take hold when we physically interact with it. This is hidden to us at this human physical level as our human conditioning is triggered and we often respond with out a thought. The initial triggering of fear is what moves us out of our heart and into our head, it is in our head that Lucifer waits to manipulate through the thoughts that come from WITHIN the construct that we physical are born into.

Just as the end of the end of times is now manifesting so too is the separating of worlds. Many within humanity have been given a very deep and false reference point for this separation and are attempting to create from the reference point that they have anchored at a deep level. There are many levels within the construct that is Lucifer's world, all varied but all anchored to Lucifer himself through the false creation of Adam and Eve.

The only route out of the construct is through our Creator YHWY's Son, Christ. His is the only path for He walked it in order to create it initially. As we now walk WITH Him along this path we are released from the various levels of the false creation and as we are un-tethered then we are released from the strongholds, dominions, curse and contracts that bind humanity to Lucifer's world.

At this time we are asked to remain on the Rock that is Christ and to understand that we are under the protection of Christ's blood as long as we remain fully surrendered. The illusion may be strong but Christ is TRUTH and TRUTH cannot be hidden, altered or manipulated. Darkness knows this but attempt to blind us to this at all moments.




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