• Karen Doonan

Death of EGO in TRUTH

When we are moved further into the Salvation in TRUTH process we will be triggered at various levels to let go of that which we "believe" in relation to ourselves. Our ego is that which attempts to run the human life experience, it is the deep part of us that seeks to exact revenge, that holds on to grudges and seeks to find a sort of justice to perceived injury. It is part of the SOUL and is not TRUTH, it is the division internally that allows for the human logical mind to run the show as it were.

There comes a moment in the Salvation in TRUTH process where the human logical mind will attempt to prevent us from moving. It will dredge up all that we have experienced in Lucifer's world and attempt to have us hold on to it, telling us that without the memories, without holding to the belief of who we are within said world then we cease to exist. This is not TRUTH, it is a defense mechanism that was inbuilt into the human SOUL and it stops many within humanity in their tracks as they fall back to the belief that they have spent all of their human life experience cultivating blindly.

We are NOT who we believe we are within Lucifer's world, all within said world is a lie including the "self", it is the splinter that keeps division between us and TRUTH and will be the stumbling block that we trip over repeatedly until we can surrender fully to Christ within said process. It will often see us fall to our knees unable to move either direction and yet all we require is to understand that we are more than our human form allows us to anchor. The process IS a process and we are guided at each moment of each moment. As we let go of all that we have held on to then we step more fully into freedom. FORGIVENESS is the key that opens the deepest part of our heart, this is where Christ lives within us and Lucifer will put out all stops to prevent us using this key.




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