• Karen Doonan

Cleansing and preparation of Crystalline Tools in TRUTH

We in this our human physical form are limited within said human physical form. We exist in a reality that is comprised of frequency and bandwidth. This is not seen by the human eyes albeit the human physical vehicle itself is VERY susceptible to said frequency and bandwidth. Therefore we are provided with crystalline tools in order that we can work beyond that which our human logical mind and human eyes can easily perceive.

During the Salvation in TRUTH process there will come a point where said tools are withdrawn from us in order that we can focus on the cleansing of the human physical vehicle itself. For many this will seem to be other than it is in TRUTH. It is VITAL that we allow the cleansing and clearing of the human physical vehicle prior to then aligning the crystalline tools with our

human vehicle once more. A bit like using a navigation system that has been set with the wrong co ordinates if we do not allow this phase to occur then we will be continually pulled off course.

We are not pulled off course by the tools themselves but rather by the difference that exists between our human physical vehicle resonance and that which the crystalline tools worked with previously. This TRUTH may be denied by many who are trapped within human ego which the human soul uses in order to facilitate its own presence.

We require to cleanse and dissolve ALL MORPHIC resonance fields and this cannot be achieved prior to this second phase. There are spiritual laws that tie the human physical vehicle, the human soul and crystalline tools to a false bandwidth and navigation beyond said false bandwidth is not available to them. Its like tuning to a radio show but attempting to use AM frequency when the radio show only transmits on FM. It simply will not work.

Work done past the MORPHIC FIELDS is beyond human comprehension until the journey is begun and attempts at "viewing" are also prohibited by spiritual and frequency laws that are at this time hidden to humanity.

In order to work at the frequency levels demanded beyond the MORPHIC bandwidths crystalline tools have to be sealed to Christ, Himself. Any crystalline tool not aligned and sealed to Christ will simply distort the information that is gathered and in many cases the crystalline tool will experience "burn out". This is akin to trying to run a diesel vehicle using gas and not diesel and vice versa.

We are now being prepared for that which has NEVER been experienced in this our human physical form previously and we are asked to remain on the Rock that IS Christ in order that we can be protected under His Blood and that we are hidden to that which guards the EXIT of said MORPHIC fields.




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