Meditation is the bridge between the physical realm and the spiritual realm. It has been used to contain, suppress and misdirect within the old earth construct/matrix due to the false teachings that meditation is a tool to 'still the mind".  We do not in TRUTH go into our mind when we meditate. in TRUTH we enter the pivot point, the doorway that exists between our spirit in TRUTH and our human physical vehicle itself. 

The meditations that are available below are powerful, they help you gain access to the space that most of humanity are forbidden from entering due to the false teachings. Only those who are surrendered fully to our Creator YHWY are able to access this pivot point and only TRUTH can enter beyond the pivot point. 

You do not require any previous "experience" of meditation to be able to access these meditations.  Simply read through the meditation exercise a few times and then find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.  Once we surrender and build our confidence through these exercises then we will find that we can reach the access pivot point much more readily and easily.  Please click on the title that you are drawn to access the meditation.

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