For as many as have sinned without law shall also perish without law: and as many as have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law;

Romans 2:12 (KJV)

It is deceptively easy to "think" that we are in full surrender to our own evolution process when in TRUTH we are being manipulated by our own internal hidden wounds.  This comes to the fore in this phase of the expansion and evolution process and it will keep us in a holding pattern until we surrender to the revelation of that which is keeping us from expansion.  For those of us who have taken a human female form this will be a major challenge for we have been conditioned very deeply to deny our own emotions and keep going.  Depending on whether we have accepted our creation purpose fully or we have simply tried to side step it and attempt to create or control this phase ourselves will see us either held firmly and in the process experience deep frustration or come to a screeching halt and see nothing to move into. 

Both scenarios can be see sawed between and this will see us have to remain very still so that that which is trying to hide will reveal itself because hurt ALWAYS wants to be revealed, it always is pulled towards the LIGHT of healing in TRUTH but it becomes akin to a game of hide and seek.  We will feel there is something that requires to be done but then it hides so we then try to alter the outer waking reality in an attempt to clear that which is still hidden to us. 

That which comes up for deep healing in this phase of the expansion of evolution is our inner child. There are a myriad of false teachings that exist in the old earth which seek to teach us to harness this inner child, to sit down and do the work with the inner child etc. All of which are false because the inner child is a manifestation of that which is our separation in TRUTH, much like the human female and the human male manifesting a child in the physical waking world the separation between our humanity and our spirit has led to a manifestation of a child which has been harnessed by the old earth and used as a food source.  This is that which stands between our human physical vehicle and our spirit fully accessing our human physical vehicle. 

The CHILD will stand in defiance of all the pain, the separation and the trauma that exists within humanity.  Many will attempt to persuade the CHILD to heal, some will attempt to soothe the CHILD but the CHILDs manifestation is that which is not TRUTH so it has to be removed fully. This will bring up much fear and frustration within us as we have been conditioned to view our human life experience and often to live our human life experience through the eyes of the CHILD. This has given us a false perspective of that which we experience, it has placed our human life experience in a false context and has seen us fully manipulated emotionally as we try to walk around and generally not disturb the CHILD. 

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