We are required to go deep within our heart space in order to address the emotional debris that is trapped within. View this akin to spring cleaning a room, the room once spring cleaned is fresh and light and airy and all stagnant energy is released.  This can be a challenging part of the cleansing and clearing process due to the intense conditioning that humanity is subject to repeatedly. 

The guided meditations that Karen creates are required in order to bypass the denial that the human logical mind holds tightly on to. Karen's voice will take you to the areas that require to be addressed in a safe and protected dimensional space allowing the movement beyond that is required in order to reach full understanding and resulting healing begin.

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Personal Guided Meditation mp3

Generic Clearing


This guided meditation takes you deep into your heart space to meet your spirit at the pivot point that connects your spirit to your human vehicle.


This meditation kick starts your connection to wider creation in TRUTH and begins phase two of the evolution process. 

Personal Guided Meditation mp3

Fractal Resonance Clearing


This meditation addresses the fractal resonance that keeps deep emotional debris in place.


A deeply cleansing and powerful meditation that Karen guides clearly and gently in order to release that which is binding you to the old and preventing you from expanding into new life experiences. 

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