As we go deeper into the heart space in TRUTH we are asked to remove that which is the anchor to our emotional landscape. This allows for deep and permanent transformation and allows healing to unfold.  As this requires a trust and faith in the process itself we are often asked to go deep within to connect and surrender IN Christ and to work with the GOLD flame. 

There are various teachings in respect of the VIOLET Flame and many within humanity have worked to this level. The difference between the two flames is that which the flames are connected TO.  The GOLD Flame is connected to wider Creation in TRUTH and requires a connection TO Christ in order to be accessed. 

This level of frequency covers ALL, ANY and EVERY level of spiritual connection not just those that connect into the physical realm in which our human physical form resides. Therefore the GOLD Flame is unique in its ability to clear the bondage that is often protected by strongholds that prevent us from viewing them in TRUTH at a conscious waking mind level. 

In order to access the dimensional space in which the GOLD Flame works to transmute we require the aid of the skull collective.  Their ability to hold the space open for our connection is but part of the process, all is frequency and the human physical form is bound by frequency, the human thread that weaves humanity into a tapestry that is not TRUTH requires to be removed for we cannot move beyond the boundaries placed within humanity thru being connected to said boundaries. There will be those who are called specifically to the GOLD Flame and this will be a calling that cannot be ignored for in order for physical movement to occur this part of the process has to be walked into. 

The personal meditation to interact and meet with the GOLD Flame is created thru Karen in order that the path can be revealed to the seeker.  ALL IS FREQUENCY and this frequency is now opening to humanity and those within it that are now called to TRUTH and to reveal to themselves that which they are here to live in TRUTH. 

To order the GOLD FLAME INITIATION Meditation please click on the button below.  The personal meditation will be sent within 48 hours. Please note that these initiation meditations are personal and are created for each person who requires them, they are NOT generic because they are for a specific purpose within the expansion in TRUTH process. 

GOLD Flame personal meditation



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