It is vital that as we walk surrendered IN Christ that we understand that we are on a journey and this journey involves a process.  We have taken human physical form and we are housed within this human physical form. The journey is a reclaiming of that which has been denied to all whom have incarnated into this dimensional space (the old earth construct/matrix). Our journey allows us to permit a solid foundation to be placed INTERNALLY and allows for a walk in the physical waking world that has a solid foundation of TRUTH. 

This permits us to work with the human physical form, for the perception to alter, for frequency to be dissolved, cut off and embedded.  All of this is beyond the human logical mind because the human logical mind is part and parcel of the human form itself. Its like the engine of a car, it comes with the vehicle. Therefore we cannot rely on the human logical mind to build our foundation. Our foundation is built from our heart, this is the difference between having our house built on sand and on solid ground. It is  within our heart space that we lay down the building blocks because LOVE in TRUTH is the strongest frequency that exists, its the very fabric of wider Creation in TRUTH. 

As we walk thru the process we build our trust and faith and it is these tools that we use to continue to build well after the foundation is solidified.  It allows for a platform to be stood upon that is non reliant on the flimsy old earth construct/matrix which is build on a series of constructs and illusions. We stand strong on LOVE in TRUTH and from this all else is built. 

It takes some linear time to go thru the process and to begin to even understand the process. We gain in understanding as we walk thru the process and as it is revealed to us.  Nothing that is written on this website and that is shared is shared from a place of assumption, always our Creator YHWY has given Karen physical human experience of that which He is revealing. It is not an easy path to walk but nor is it difficult, again the human logical mind does not accept that it can be both. That which delays us, trips us up or side tracks us is the very frequencies that we have become accustomed to, which are widely accepted by humanity as part and parcel of the human life experience itself. 

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