Entering New Jerusalem in TRUTH

Such is the depth of conditioning that humanity has been subject to that it is relatively easy to be swayed into the illusion that Lucifer wishes to present to humanity. There are any number of conspiracy theories that are in existence in relation to the "end of times" and the book of Revelation. This is a deliberate ploy by Lucifer to define that which sits outside of the knowledge of humanity and which can only ever be reached through the heart space and a full connection to and surrender to Christ. 

Many within humanity seek to "prove" prophesy all the while blind to this being the fulfillment of prophesy itself. Lucifer's world is run from the mind's eye, knowledge works against humanity for it is the tree of knowledge that our Creator YHWY warned us against and yet still humanity are driven for the need for more through the dense conditioning that is provided by Lucifer in full rebellion to our Creator YHWY. 

It is not the knowledge itself that is the sin, it is the use of said knowledge to divide humanity, for in dividing we are rebelling. This is hidden in many constructs that seek to provide the illusion of "oneness" or "unity". Without our Creator YHWY and without going through His Son, Christ to reach Him, there can be no unity for unity is not one plus one, unity is one plus one plus YHWY, without Him there simply cannot be unity for we are created to be in unity with our Creator. This TRUTH is hidden in the false geometry that is used by Lucifer to provide a reality in which he can fully manipulate whilst remaining hidden. Using a false starting point, results in a false journey with a false ending and yet this is placed in front of humanity as everyday waking human life. 

We cannot therefore enter the New Jerusalem with any of the conditioning that allows for manipulation at any level of this our human life experience.  It is not us who decides who enters and who remains outside, this sits with our Creator YHWY for He alone holds the book of Life in TRUTH.  It is not truth to assume that we can tell at this human physical level that which the construct of religion states is that which will happen, the single most danger to humanity is religion, whether this be traditional religion or the non religion that is the new age movement. All seek to define the path that is walked to Christ, all seek to label themselves above their fellow humans and all seek to judge humanity en route. 

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