Releasing Eden is the work of channel Karen Doonan who first began her journey into healing with her TRUTH Codes work.  Working closely with the realms that many are only now understanding are part of the human life experience in this dimensional space. 

Always our Creator YHWY has sought to give Karen physical human life experience of that which she writes and blogs.  Her journey has seen her travel thousands of miles and meet people from all walks of life in the process. From a small city in the Highlands of Scotland to a small church in Dickson, TN she has experienced a vast range of scenarios and experienced many different cultures and contexts which has seen her work expand greatly. 

This work was paused temporarily when she met a religious group in the East Coast of the USA and joined their community. Karen spent almost 2 years within this relatively closed community giving up her public writing as part of the "rules" in said community was no outside social contact.  This permitted her to concentrate on that which our Creator YHWY was giving her experience of, a dedication to the bible that saw exactly the same issues that the wider waking world has play out within community.  This revealed to Karen that which had been hidden by the very social interaction that she had experienced in the wider waking world. It revealed that that which humanity struggle with is internal and not caused by anything external.  The same patterns of behavior was being seen within a community that shunned the outside world and stated that they rejected it.  

It is not possible to simply "shun" something and expect the human life experience to somehow alter. Humanity are within a dimensional space that is other than it appears in TRUTH.  The work has to be done at an inter and multi dimensional level.  Karen is here to bridge the necessary frequency ranges that are now available to humanity. Her work has aided and supported many within humanity who are here to move humanity past the false flags, false routes and disinformation. 

Karen works with ALL realms who are here within humanity to assist from within. It matters not whether you are an E.T, an Angelic, a Starseed or are a Traveller, she can help you with the transition that is now available. If you are unsure of the next step then please contact her HERE

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