Karen started her journey thru her connection to the HIGH COUNCIL OF ORION.  She began sharing her channeled messages many years ago.  It was thru a meditation connecting to the skull collective with her fellow students in the home of Kathleen Murray in Rhynie, Scotland that the High Council of Orion revealed themselves to her. 

High Council of Orion 

 Old Earth Matrix

The expansion in TRUTH process is one that is a journey and it is a journey that challenges everything that we are conditioned to believe and to accept in this our human physical form.  Humanity are an enslaved, contained and highly conditioned race that has been prevented from accessing wider Creation in TRUTH.  This dimensional space that we are conditioned to believe is a round planet, spinning in a universe is but a contained dimensional space within a void. It is not connected to wider Creation in TRUTH because it is a manifestation of something that is not permitted to enter wider Creation in TRUTH. 

As can be seen from the above illustration the old earth construct/matrix is a reflection of that which is above, it can be seen as a mirror that is reflecting but it is only reflecting back on itself. YGGDRASIL is wider Creation in TRUTH but the entry to YGGDRASIL is prevented by the mirrors that protect the BRIDGE.  It is also protected thru frequency, humanity at a physical everyday waking life experience level are kept in a very dense frequency and the human physical vehicle is prevented from reaching the YGGDRASIL Bridge thru the dense frequencies that are monitored and distorted thru human DNA/RNA.  We are conditioned to accept the frequency pollution as "ageing" and we are conditioned heavily to accept physical human death as part of the human life experience. It is "death" which protects the bridge and it is "death" that is heavily protected and patrolled.  

ALL IS FREQUENCY.  It is logical to assume that "death" is what we experience when we stop breathing but this is but part of the conditioning. Humanity are kept in a SPIRITUAL DEATH that prevents access to YGGDRASIL and this is heavily policed thru the construct of RELIGION.  Humanity are fed a continual diet of religion, rote and ritual and are conditioned to defend this to the hilt. ALL within the old earth construct/matrix is designed and altered to present a very dense illusion that seeks to verify and validate itself continually. There is no part of the human life experience that is not heavily monitored and conditioned. It begins when we are first born and we begin our conditioning.  As Morpheus asks Neo in the MATRIX film "do you think that is air that you are breathing?".  It is this simple and it is this distorted. 

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