Bindings are that which the old earth construct/matrix uses to contain and suppress the human life experience at an everyday waking physical level.  They are the patterns that run within "families", they are the health issues that run within "families" and they control and contain the different sections of humanity in general.   Depending on the nature of the binding it can be life limiting, finance limiting or even gender limiting.  It will allow for variations on a theme and in doing so hides itself. 

When we are born into the old earth construct/matrix we are born into a generational lineage.  This lineage is constructed from various bindings that see family behaviors become the "norm" and family ideas and rote and ritual remain.  We are never more blind than when sat within our own family structure.  As families have behaviors and unwritten and unspoken rules of behavior then we do not see it as anything other than the "way life is" but this does not make it TRUTH just because something is always done a certain way within our family structure.  Our view of the human life experience itself is molded within the first few years of our physical birth and is shaped by our immediate caregivers, this blinds us before we have even adjusted to our own human physical form.  It is in this blindness we continue to walk until our Creator YHWY lifts the veils and shows us that which is behind said veils. 

For those who have entered the expansion in TRUTH process (often referenced generally as the ascension process) the need to remove the bindings becomes stronger the further into the expansion process they walk. This is because in order to walk out of the old earth construct/matrix and to "be in the world but not of it" there requires to be a dissolving of the frequency bindings that tie us to certain life experiences.  Just because we experience pain, separation, trauma and death does not make said experiences TRUTH, the old earth construct/matrix is DESIGNED to give the experience therefore we experience. Without a spiritual root NOTHING can manifest, but this remains hidden to the majority of humanity. 

Darkness has further entrapped many within humanity with a play upon words and giving the illusion that the soul and the spirit are interchangeable. They are not. The soul is a different frequency to the spirit and we require to dissolve the binding to the soul construct as part of our journey.  The spirit anchoring deep within our heart space illuminates that which the soul protects, namely the bindings. We can set out to change our life experience, we can set out to lose weight, to earn more, to expand our working life, the list is endless but if there is a binding present then we will find that which we have attempted to change simply resets itself. 

Take for example the human life experience of "marriage".  We may marry and have great expectations then find ourselves divorced. We may then go on to a second, third or fourth marriage and find that within each marriage no matter what was experienced by the couple prior to the actual wedding vows the relationship reset itself once the vows took place.  Now humanity are conditioned to write this off as being "unlucky in love" and other such logical explanations but what is taking place is the activation of a binding. If the binding is in relation to the actual marriage itself then the relationship will flourish until the wedding vows are taken then the binding will get to work altering the relationship to fit the binding.  This will remain in place until the spiritual binding is dissolved then and only then is expansion into a relationship that will work able to be experienced. 

The above is an example of a relatively common binding, many bindings are more particular and affect only certain family members, so we may find for example certain life experiences only manifesting for the first born male or the third born female. This again remains hidden and will remain until dissolved spiritually.  The entire point of a binding is to frustrate and harvest from the emotional frustration.  Humanity in general have learned to live within the limitations that these bindings have placed upon the human life experience in general and in doing so have remained tightly controlled and highly manipulated. 


It is to be noted that we are required to dissolve the bindings thru our surrender IN Christ.  Anything that is created out with Christ will be destroyed by the surrender IN Christ when we have had this illuminated and severed our connection to it. It cannot be done without a strong connection IN Christ because bindings are heavily protected and guarded. 



Surrendering IN Christ Meditation 


We must surrender IN Christ, not simply follow Him or place Him on a pedestal.  Christ is a frequency that works to protect, to heal, to expand and to lead us to understanding. 

This meditation will open the door to your deepest heart space, where Christ is waiting to step in and in doing so connect you OUT to the wider universe in TRUTH. 

This is a personal meditation created thru Karen and will be sent as a link to an mp3 download. 

Platinum Flame Meditation 

The platinum flame meditation works to burn the bindings that remain hidden to humanity and which are triggered upon "life events" (such as marriage or birth of a child). 

The meditation works to release that which we cannot see and works to release the cycles that we find ourselves "hemmed" into. Releasing these cycles allows for vast movement in the outer waking life experience and deep healing to begin in TRUTH.


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