It is vital that as we begin to accelerate in our expansion in TRUTH that we do so in a way that is in alignment with our Creation purpose in TRUTH. 

The Old Earth Matrix has sought to define who we are and in doing so has blinded us. Therefore we require to shed the "caterpillar" in order to reform and become the "butterfly". 


This is done thru the process of setting up BACE Camp where those who are of similar frequency and of the same CREATION PURPOSE IN TRUTH
begin to blend with ALL and in doing so begin to let go fully of the old frequencies and beliefs and step more fully into alignment with wider Creation in TRUTH. 

To this end Karen has created a meditation that allows for entry into the matrix that is held stable thru the Skull Collective and overseen by the High Council of Orion.   This meditation works to clear the resistance that arises within the human physical vehicle in relation to stepping out of the old earth matrix frequencies and addresses the many questions that come rushing to the surface in the process. 

Please note that prior to entering the meditation the SKULL MATRIX TOKEN MUST BE PLACED in the matrix, this is to allow for formation of the corridor between the old earth matrix and BACE Camp to be established for you.  We ask prior to ordering the meditation that you accept  the requirement for the SKULL MATRIX TOKEN by ordering it here

BACE Camp ENTRY Meditation

thru Karen


To further support BACE Camp followers we have created a separate space with additional support blogs and links that will become available as the camp grows.  To register for this simply click on the GOLD HEART below.  (this will open in a new window and you will be given the opportunity to register for blog updates). 


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