It its vital that we begin to understand that the bindings of that which keeps us chained to the old earth are within those around us who have gone before us.  The human physical vehicle has been conditioned to focus only on that which is readily seen by the human eyes and referenced by the human logical mind. This hides TRUTH in plain sight but we are blinded to it.  Let us use an example of how much we are blinded through the intense and continued conditioning that we are subject to in this our human physical form. 

For this example please take the time to get a piece of paper and to draw a straight line from one side of the page to the other.  The line that you have drawn is the linear time and space conditioning that we in this our human physical form are conditioned to use as our CONTEXT for our human life experience.  You will note that the straight line only takes up but part of the page. Now take your focus to the rest of the entire page, this is the spaces in which TRUTH can be found and the line that is on the page is that which is registered by our human logical mind.  It is the same with our own human family lineage.  We are conditioned to place focus only on the previous caregivers that are predominant in our human life experience.  We are not registering the extended ancestry and how it affects us at this moment for we ARE our ancestors until we break the bondage that we are within. 

Family patterning is the key to working with this because EVERY family will have a pattern that is strongly defended by at least one generation and is denied by the next one. This seeks to hold in place the pattern itself, because defense and denial chain and bind. If we are in denial then we are rebellion, if we are defending then we are in rebellion, they are opposite sides of the same coin.  In order to break the family patterning we require to step out of the conditioning itself and to view through the lens of TRUTH only. This is very challenging to do because as we approach this to break the bonds our human logical mind will attempt to prevent us. It will attempt to have us remain within the belief that is "blood is thicker than water".  It will have us in servitude to the needs and wants of those around us not understanding that the servitude that each family member undertakes is not to TRUTH but to death for there is no life in servitude. We are each responsible for our own actions and behavior, that which we have been conditioned to accept is that the family patterning is somehow true because everyone we are related to behaves this way.  This is the type of logic and reason that we are up against which is why we have to move into our heart space in order to walk towards this and release it.

It is normal for the lack of a better human word for our human logical mind to demand answers, the questioning will be around how we can have a relationship with those we are related to if we begin to spiritually alter things.  It is not our knowledge that helps us, it is our trust and faith in the LOVE that IS that aids us.  It is LOVE in TRUTH that rushes in when we break the bondage, healing occurs in ways that defy all logic and reason and it is the process of release that leads us to understanding. We do not get the understanding prior to the experience, knowledge and understanding are not the same thing.  Knowledge is but a reference point whilst understanding is the immersion point.  Take for example being told not to touch the hot stove.  We can know that we are not to touch and adhere to the command or we can understand why we do not touch the hot stove because we understand the PAIN that is involved in the touching of said stove. They are both completely different and to reach the second one involves experiencing. 

We have been heavily conditioned in this our human physical form to walk around experience and use knowledge to defend our walking around it. We are required to UNDERSTAND our human life experience and this can only ever be done through allowing ourselves to fully and physically experience our human life experience. Otherwise we are but reference keepers of the viewing of our own life, we are bystanders taking notes on the side lines. This is not the purpose of the human life experience in TRUTH. 


It is why we are trapped within the old earth construct until we begin to nourish our hearts with LOVE in TRUTH.  The only way out is to LOVE because in TRUTH there is only LOVE. 



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